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Meet Ruth Lawrence, Director-Trinidad & Tobago
Ruth Lawrence

Ruth Lawrence is the director of Back to the Bible in Trinidad & Tobago. Ruth lives on the campus of Caribbean Nazarene College in Upper Santa Cruz, Trinidad.

Full name and meaning:
Ruth Antoinette Watson-Lawrence
It means friend or companion.
Family information:
My husband's name is Mark and we met in 1989 on the campuses of Jamaica Theological Seminary where I was pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Theology and he was pursuing a Master of Arts in Caribbean Ministries at Caribbean Graduate School of Theology. He currently teaches Theology and other courses here at Caribbean Nazarene College and is Senior Pastor at our local church. My father, Rudolph Watson is a deacon in the Wesleyan Holiness Church and my mother Eslin Watson, a registered nurse, was the pianist for many years. My son, Matthew (15), is an avid footballer (soccer) and plays for his high school team. He is also a part of our Bible Quiz Ministry team. My daughter, Rachel (13), is a Level 7 competitive gymnast.
How you came to know the Lord:
I grew up in a Christian home and so I was known as Miss Goody Two Shoes. I gave my heart to the Lord at the age of 10 years at a crusade.
Ministry background:
I was called to full-time Christian ministry at the age of 12 while serving my local church in various capacities--Sunday School teacher, Sunday School Superintendent, Secretary of Periodicals, Choir Director and assisting with our local church annual conferences as a teller. I graduated from Jamaica Theological Seminary with a B.A. in Theology in 1992 and was ordained an elder in the Church of the Nazarene in 2003. I currently serve as the Administrative Pastor of my local church along with my husband. I also serve (since 1993) at the Caribbean Nazarene College as Administrative Secretary to the President and Office Manager.
When did you start with Back to the Bible? How have your responsibilities changed?
I started working with Back to the Bible in 1998, and my role was just to facilitate the listeners here in Trinidad by setting up a local post box, collecting the mail and sending it off to Jamaica. We were just a satellite location. Now we run an office sending out offers etc.
How the Bible has changed your life:
The Bible has become my guidepost, my walking stick, my road map. It has taught me who I am; the benefits of relationship with Christ and how to walk daily in His steps. The Living Word reveals Himself to me through His written word daily.
Favorite Bible passage:
"For God took the sinless Christ and poured into Him our sins. Then in exchange, He poured God's goodness into us." II Cor.5:21 (TLB)
About the people of Trinidad & Tobago:
The people of Trinidad and Tobago are friendly and love to socialize, they are always organizing a lime (get-together); they are also family-oriented. It is a multi-religious society and every religion is accepted and their holidays are also national holidays.
The one place in Trinidad you would take a visitor:
There are many options, but one of the unique stops would be a ride through our Caroni Bird Sanctuary. It is one of Trinidad's most prized ecological bird watching destinations. It is the home of our national bird the Scarlet Ibis. You travel by boat on the swamp in the afternoon to see them return to their nests. So picture these bright red and white birds resting in green trees...a beautiful picture.
What makes you the most proud of Trinidad:
Because of the current financial stability in the country, the government offers free tuition to its citizens all the way through tertiary education.

Fun Facts

Other places you have lived besides Trinidad:
Bahamas: place of birth

Jamaica: went to school there and left in 1993 with my husband to serve at the Caribbean Nazarene College
Reading; stamp collecting
If you had a random day off, what would you do for the day?
Sleep; rest at home

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